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₹99 /month

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₹149 /month

Get Started

₹249 /month

Get Started

Number of Websites

1 2 Unlimited


5 GB 10 GB 30 GB

SSD Storage

100% SSD 100% SSD 100% SSD


10 GB 100 GB Unlimited

Free SSL

RAM Resource


Entry Process(EP)

20 20 20

IO Limit


File(Inode) limit

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


1024 1024 1024

No of Process

100 100 100

Free Domain


LiteSpeed Webserver


10 20 Unlimited

Control panel

cPanel cPanel cPanel

MySQL Databases

2 5 Unlimited

FTP/SFTP/Shell Users

1 5 Unlimited

Email Accounts

5 Domain Email
10 Domain Email
50 Domain Email

Parked Domains

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Money-back Guarantee

7-days 7-days 7-days

Automated Daily Backups

24/7 Ticket Support

Live Chat Support





POP3 Accounts

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Web Mail

Email Alias

Auto Responders

Mailing Lists

Spam Assassin

Mail Forwarding


AWStats (Real Time Updates)


Raw Logs

Referrer Logs

Error Logs

Frequently Asked Questions

we answer below questions which frequently asked by our clients, we hope it's helpful for you, Still have question contact us now

What is Shared Hosting?

With Shared Hosting, a single server hosts multiple websites, which means you share the server resources with other websites.

How can i build my website?

You can build your website in numerous ways, ranging from Softaculous one-click installations to uploading custom code written in HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

Can I transfer my existing website to

You can migrate your Web Hosting package from another Web Hosting provider to Hostrain easily by contact our Support team.

What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is an industry-leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider. It accelerates and secures your site by acting as a proxy between your site visitors and Hostrain servers. With the help of CloudFlare, you can protect your site against malicious visitors and improve the average page load times. It also provides a host of security features like DDoS mitigation and Web Application Firewall (WAF).

How do I enable CloudFlare on my website?

In order to enable CloudFlare, follow the steps mentioned below: Step 1: Login to your hosting control panel
Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Software’ section and click on ‘Cloudflare’
Step 3: Create an account, add your site name and follow the procedure

What is Softaculous and How Do I Use It?

Softaculous is a one-click application installer, which can be used to deploy more than 400 applications with the use of predefined scripts.
To start installing apps with the help of Softaculous, follow the steps mentioned below:
Step 1: Log into 'Softaculous Apps Installer' through your cPanel.
Step 2: Choose an application which you would like to install on your website and hit install.