Do you have any one of these questions “how to add the domain to blogger?”, “how to connect domain to blogger?”, “how to point my domain to blogger?”, “How to link domain to blogger?” here the answer to all of these questions.

Before Getting inside to the topic, here a small introduction about Domain and Blogger.

What is a Domain name?

Domain name is a name for you website Eg:

  • It’s difficult to remember IP address to access website.
  • Domain name was introduced to name your website instead of IP address with help of DNS Server.

What is DNS Server?

DNS(Domain Name Services) is a server which hold the all records of domain name



What is Blogger? is a free platform owned by Google where you can create blogs and share whatever you want to. It may be a personal blog or a professional blog on a particular topic.

In they give free subdomain of ( and CMS for your blog, You can also purchase your own custom domain and connect to the blogger

Why choose HostRain Domain?

HostRain Is the leading Domain name registrar, Partnered with ICANN’s accredited Registrar, Providing Domain name for a lower price when compared to others, to Check our plans click here

below we are going to see the steps to connect HostRain Domain to blogger!

Step 1: Purchase Domain From HostRain!

Here the guide for how to buy domain name from hostrain, click here


Step 2: Change Domain’s Nameserver of Domain name to use DNS management

to use HostRain’s Domain DNS management features, first, you need to change or verify the nameserver like as below


Step 3: Log in to and go to setting

On the blogger setting page find the option like “custom domain”, after clicking the custom domain dialog box prompt to enter your own custom domain which bought on HostRain, Enter your domain then save, the error message show like below

We have not been able to verify your authority in this domain. On your domain registrar’s website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs: (Name: www, Destination: and (Name: mghpk4r4osq5, Destination:

These two CNAMEs are unique for your domain note down these CNAMEs on a notepad

Hostname: www Address:

Hostname: mghpk4r4osq Address:

Step 4: Goto Hostrain Domain page and select DNS Management

DNS records

Step 5: Edit the DNS record like given below

Hostname: www Address:

Hostname: mghpk4r4osq Address:

Hostname: leave black space Address:

Hostname: leave black space Address:

Hostname: leave black space Address:

Hostname: leave black space Address:


Step 6: Go to Blogger setting page

save the Custom domain and redirect the custom domain and HTTPS


Here all done now the HostRain domain successfully connect to the blogger


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